We are

momentum is a new approach implementing a workflow to get things done. build to clear up time and space for your vision, goals and therefore projects and next steps to get there. build on latest technology like PWA, ServiceWorker and encryption to make it secure and available on every device regardless of operating system or browser, whatever internet connection and independent of app stores - because YOUR productivity should not be tied to that.

momentum delivers the base lists ACTIVE, IDEA and ARCHIVE known to every GTD lover. Combining them with a relieving INbox and an intelligent NEXT-steps-list to a workflow specifically designed to take action, we believe, will revolutionise the productivity community.

Conventional swipe-in-menus and other ways to design an app aren't able to represent what we expect from a tool to manage our thoughts. We have put in and will continue putting in great effort to design new ways for navigation and interaction for maximum focus and decision-taking.

We will continue innovating new technology to give productivity tools a long needed upgrade from pencil and paper to your native devices to open up new possibilities.

The world we live in

As humans living in the 21st century we've learned a lot about motivation, vision and know about the importance of goal-setting. We structure our days, trying to control every aspect and yet we understand so little. We've found helpful tools and systems like GTD, golden circles, The natural planning system, scrum, swot, eisenhower... but implementing them into our daily life caused us a lot of trouble. Latest attempts using technology, which seems obvious for processing complex workflows, have failed by trying to implement these layered and multi-dimensional systems into an over-engineered 2D-90's-menu-bar-lame-interface. Leaving disappointed users going back to pencil and paper. We at momentum have heard this wish for something solid - a trusted system.

Our Vision at momentum

We believe in technology used as an extended self to support us reaching our goals. Using tools has brought us from caves to you reading this on a high-res screen powered by electricity. Momentum equips you being in command of the challenges hitting you everyday, your projects and pushing them toward your goals. By implementing helpful lists, functions and other features into a beautiful but simple design, momentum gives you a clear space for sorting, filing, organizing and dropping everything that's on your mind.

The final goal

Our parents and grandparents have struggled hard and gave up a lot to provide us with opportunities and resources they never had. We have gained immense experiences, knowledge and wealth. Technology is confronting our very own identity as humans: e.g. defining ethics in self driving cars, producing goods and food in great abundance. But our build systems in politics, banking and economics can't provide access for everyone - leading to rather wasting than sharing...

Profound questions are asked to be answered by our generation. Distracting ourselves with work - that will be done by technology - won't last long. Casting down this slave-mentality, no longer defining our self by the work we do is one thing, asking yourself "Who am I, what is my role in this" is an other. In our opinion this journey starts with ME. Me taking responsibility for my thoughts, intentions and actions. Knowing my feelings, wishes and reactions to my surroundings - my true self - leads unavoidably to the question "Who are we?" or as Hillel says, "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I?" Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14.

Hillel continues "If not now, when?". That's why we at momentum made NOW the basic layer of our workflow, in line with ORGANISING, THINKING and VISUALISING leading you to answers deep down to your momentum in this world - level by level. In This way: start your momentum NOW.