Pricing Philosophy

We believe in direct and transparent communication. That's why we decided to go with 5$ instead of the well-known-marketing-trick of 4,99$, even though we know about the effect of customers thinking: “oh that's significantly cheaper than a 5$” - we think you are smarter than that. We don’t want to lure you in with a crappy freemium model like: “You can only create 5 projects and use 3 contexts, or you have to pay because suddenly there are more costs…”.

We have an awesome product. Try it for a month with 100% of the features because that's how momentum is built and experienced the best - After that contribute or don’t. And we want to continue adding new features, extensions and ports continuously - that's what we need the money for - simple as that. For users contributing to our cause by promoting momentum in public or to their friends, we grant free-contributor-tickets.

And let’s be honest, if your productivity isn’t worth 2 cups of Starbucks-coffee a month you are not serious - transparent enough?

Pricing options



unlimited feature access



Max controll and flexibility



worry-free unlimited use



You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

Free trial

Check out if momentum adds value to your workflow. For one month - 30 days. No credit card needed. 100% ALL features. NO restrictions. Just sign up with your e-mail and dive in.

If your current ticket (or the test-trial) has expired, you can still log in and use your data in an read-only manner. That means no editing and creating but reading, organizing and checking off.


After a free one-month-trial you can start buying one-month-tickets to use momentum. This option gives you the control and flexibility you need. You can buy a one-month-ticket any time. It empowers you to use momentum for one month (30days) in a given start and end date. When buying a new ticket, it's start date is automatically set to the next day the currently active ticket expires or further already bought tickets are going to expire.


After a free one-month-trial you can subscribe to continue using momentum. This worry-free option automatically bills you 5$ every month (30days). You can use momentum as long as you want and your bank account is credible. You can cancel the subscription any given time - we won't bill you the next time (at the end of the 30 days since your last payment - the first day of a new 30-day period)


Instead of contributing money (which you have earned spending time doing what you do the best - hopefully ;) you can contribute your time directly and we will grant you free tickets in return. Promote us on your social media accounts, get your friends to join momentum or contribute your skills directly to the development. You can even benefit from these tickets if you are a subscriber: the contributor-ticket pauses your subscription billing for as long as its value states.

contribution example ticket value
10 instagram/twitter likes 1 1 month
2 twitter retweets 2 1 month
producthunt upvote1 1 month
instagram post1 1 month
blog/forum post (medium, reddit,...) 1,2 2 months recommendation 1,2 2 months
youtube video mention 1,2 2 months
get a friend to use momentum 3 3 months
suggest something to contribute 1-100 months

All your contributions have to link directly to our instagram, twitter or website by mentioning/tagging or @momentum_earth. Send us an e-mail at (from your account e-mail-address) claiming your contribution: 1) a screenshot of your social media account - logged in 2) screenshot of your post 3) the email address your friend has signed up with. Your friend has to be on a subscription or ticket option.

Payment method

We use Braintree, a well known and established payment processor (subsidiary of PayPal). This way we will not see or save your banking details on our server. Due to the nature of subscription when using subscription Braintree will save your data for future billing.