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All tutorials and step-by-step instructions in one place. Your personal in-app nerd is placed all over the app, in different views and next to buttons, features and settings. By clicking the emoji in your app it reveals helpful workflow hints.

This site collects all these hints and makes them accessible topic by topic. Try the navigation on the left below to jump right in.

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Getting started


The INview is a temporary place for EVERYTHING that comes into your mind and would need more attention than you can or want to afford in the moment. So you drop it here for later consideration.

And then what❓ It's a helpful habit to empty out all drops at one point of your day. πŸ€“

Everything starts with a +drop

Create items containing thoughts, ideas, projects or what ever comes to mind – we call them drops. Klick it, type it and hit enter - simple as that πŸ‘.

πŸ”₯ keep on typing after hitting enter for a continuous workflow.

organizeDrop field

Youtube tutorial IN

Junction: Move your drops

The JUNCTIONview empowers you to take action on your drops. Grab a drop by the coloured circle to decide its further path. A drop will appear in the view you have chosen.

ACTIVE: Will do πŸ’ͺ

IDEA: Someday maybe πŸ€”

ARCHIVE: Nice Reference. Could be useful later 😎

AWAY: Someone else's job or stuff youΒ΄re waiting for πŸ’€ (available in ACTIVE)

DONE: Yup, I did it βœ…

NO: Nope, not going to do that, not my job βœ‹

REVIEW: Seen it. Still worth pursuing/keeping πŸ‘ (available in REVIEW)

Just take a drop and ask Yourself:

Is this my responsibility and can I do something about it?

❌ NO: terminate it or delegate it to someone else!

βœ… YES: make it a ACTIVE project and define the very NextStep that has to be taken!

Is this something worth keeping and referring to later?

❌ NO: delete it!

βœ… YES: ARCHIVE it!

Is this something youΒ΄d like to do someday, maybe a good idea?

❌ NO: say NO!

βœ… YES save it in Your IDEAview


Finally πŸŽ‰ πŸ‘, a space for your ACTIVE projects (and ACTIVE projects only!πŸ™‚) This is a central view to set yourself up for successπŸ‘Š πŸ’ͺ. Break your projects, actions or tasks down into as many subtasks as it takes to get down to defining the first step. The smaller the first step, the better. An easy and quick win right at the start will keep you from procrastinating. Every first step will be automatically coded in blue and set to NEXT by momentum πŸ•Ά.

Nesting: Your Projects, your order, your freedom

Since we probably donΒ΄t know you in person 😒 😜 , we know even less about your projects and their relations. So we want to give you the freedom to structure, organise and nest your projects as you please. We don't give you pre-structured elements like πŸ“ folders, πŸ““ projects, πŸ“Ž subtasks, πŸ“‹ checklists... - in our experience they don't fit the huge variation and fast changing structure of real live projects - or real live persons.

Every drop can be dragged and dropped into other drops and across the whole hierarchy. This way it can reflect your personal preferences - whether you like simple checklists for every project or sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-tasks to stay in control.

Sequential and Parallel.
One at a time or all at once.

You can switch between sequential(default) and parallel actionable listings in ACTIVE. It will affect the number of drops shown in NEXT.

Sequential: First drop of itΒ΄s subordinated drops shown in NEXT - useful for tasks youΒ΄d like to attack step by step.

Parallel: All subordinated drops shown in NEXT - excellent for lists you need visible as hole e.g. shopping, packing...

defer until... πŸ“…

Defer drops until they become actionable. A defered drop will be marked with a gray cycle and won't appear in NEXT. All drops organized under this drop will also be deferred. When the selected defer-date arrives the drop and its child-drops will turn active again and reappear in NEXT.

Youtube tutorial ACTIVE

WhatΒ΄s NEXT?

momentum automatically takes the first drop of every drop sequenz organized in ACTIVE and shows it here. This way you can focus on the available tasks given by the context youΒ΄re in right now, avoid distraction and get into the flow πŸ„ .

πŸ”₯ Click on a context to hide its drops.

Give your actions context.

Create more focus by adding context to your drops. Contexts are settings, locations, tools or persons you need to finish a task:


momentum will group all the NEXTdrops by your contexts in NEXT. This way you can get into a flow, by minimizing interruptions and knowing what else to do in your current context. A context can be set right away when dropping a new drop or added later by editingπŸ–‹ a drop . πŸ‘‰ Context is set to ANYWHERE by default

not found: multiple_contexts

Youtube tutorial NEXT

Out of sight, out of mind?!

- but not forgotten. Drops you delegated to other people or things youΒ΄re waiting for are potential mind-blocker πŸ€” πŸ™„ πŸ’­. Put them here to free up mental space. πŸ˜€

πŸ“… awaiting answer for appointment request
πŸ“¦ parcel delivery
πŸ“– book lent to a friend

Check them off your list if DONE or put drops back to ACTIVE if its back on your plate.

Youtube tutorial AWAY

IDEAs for that famous someday

You canΒ΄t do IT now but itΒ΄s worth keeping in mind - except not in mind because you need that space for more important stuff. Keep IT here.

__Drop Your __
πŸ—» Bucketlist
πŸ“½ Movies to watch
πŸ“š Books to Read
πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Countries to visit
🍣 Foods to try
πŸ™€ Relatives to visit
πŸ€” Business Ideas
🐴 πŸ’ πŸš€ and other potential future stuff

πŸ”₯ If the schedule clears up, the inspiration hits and this famous "someday" is around the corner, your plan is set and actions are only one click away.

Youtube tutorial IDEA

ARCHIVE and relax

There are things youΒ΄d like to keep as references:

πŸ”— websites
πŸ–‹ quotes
🍲 restaurants
πŸ“½ your top 100 movies
πŸŒ„ locations
🎸 artists
🍐 shopping lists

Instead of keeping them in your mind keep them in archive and use your mind for the things you love to do.

πŸ”₯ ARCHIVEdrops will be copied into ACTIVE (not moved as usual). This way you can use ARCHVEdrops as templates. e.g.: create a basic grocery list and use it for your weekly shopping.

Youtube tutorial ARCHIVE

Yeeeaaaaar! You did it! πŸŽ‰ 😳 πŸ‘ 🀘 🎈

Acknowledge your progress and take a look from time to time. Often you get more done in 7 days than it feels like.

πŸ”₯ Checked off the wrong drops?
No problem: Reorganize them in IDEA, ACTIVE or ARCHIVE via the JUNCTIONview.

NO πŸ”₯ πŸ’₯ ⚑️ 🚨 ☎️ 🚩 🚫 ❌ ❗️

Everything you don't want to do, are not responsible for or canΒ΄t do something about is well put here. And left here - TO BURN πŸ”₯

REVIEW: Keep it clean and simple

Every drop will land here in a 1 week interval. Take your time to review your views, projects and single drops on a regular basis to increase control and trust in your system.

Check of everything that is on track as REVIEWed.
Change the REVIEW cycle at it's dropdown-menu to a longer period for less oversight or increase it to be reminded more often.
Kick outdated drops, rearrange projects and compare them with your goals and make sure every project got a NEXTstep.

πŸ”₯ Make REVIEW a habit and start the week by focusing on the bigger picture.

Youtube tutorial REVIEW


Navigate through the different views and levels like you would walk through rooms and floors of a house 🏠. We call it the map-navigation - your surrounding changes according to your point of view.πŸ“

πŸ” End-to-end-encryption πŸ”

The communication between your devices and our server is always encrypted by https. In addition you can encrypt your drops for even more security. By activating the END-TO-END-ENCRYPTION your browser will encrypt all your drops with your user-password. Once your drops are encrypted there is no way to access them without your password.

‼️ Since we don't save your password on our site there is no way of recovering your password to access your data - once you chose END-TO-END-ENCRYPTION‼️

App mode

Make your drops available offline. By activating this brand new web-feature. A database will hold your drops in your local browser πŸ€“ . This way you can access momentum anytime and anywhere regardless of your internet connection. Back online new drops will πŸ”„ sync automatically to your account and other active devices (online).

πŸ”₯ Add momentum to your homescreen and use it as a regualar fullscreen app.